Growth Ceiling

Is your brand at a point where it’s not growing as it used to?

We’ve seen some of the most amazing brands reach a point where they stopped growing as fast as they used to. This is typically due to a number of factors, but one or two are usually the killers.

Luckily it’s not too hard to apply a few changes and start growing again, maybe even faster than before.


They say “if you don’t change anything, don’t expect different results”, but repeating the same pattern does not guarantee the same results, either.

The world has changed

Not only the pandemic increased remote/smart working but it also changed the way people buy, especially online.

GRAPH: eCommerce Share of Total Global Retail Sales 2015-2024 (Source:


But these changes are just the most visible and obvious ones. The real change is happening at the core of society with new trends in media where influencers are becoming the fabric of the new product placement, and social media companies are using more and more sophisticated technology to allow advertisers to be in front of the people that are most likely to buy their products and services.

Businesses that don’t adapt to this change, employing new strategies and tactics, will slow down and eventually stop growing.

Reboot Your Growth

If you’ve been selling well in the past and your brand got where it is today, you definitely have the right assets to win and grow more. When a company reaches a growth ceiling, or a stagnant situation, this  can be due to one or more of the  following factors:

  • You reach a technological limit: this means that your competitors in the market have better tools, A.I. or methodology to compete in the market (we can help with this).
  • Your workforce or sales force reached a skill limit (which can be fixed fairly quickly).
  • You need to innovate either your product/service or the way you go to market. (We can help here, too).
  • The market is saturated (this is rarely the case but when it happens, we have strategies to help you diversify and start sailing in new rich waters).
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